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The Skinny on Photoshop Tips, v.1

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The Skinny Books are short, yet comprehensive books that are finely focused on a single subject. The Skinny on Photoshop Tips is a collection of more than 150 incredibly practical and useful tips that cover multiple versions of Photoshop.

This is an eBook available in EPUB and PDF formats compatible with various book readers from Kindle to iBooks that you can read on a computer, tablet or even a smart phone. After you make your payment you will receive an email with a link to download the eBook in the format of your choice.

Pages:  41

Table of Contents

Three Hidden On-Image Adjustment Tools
Viewing and Zooming
Hiding/Showing Rulers, Guides and Selection Edges
Switching Between Brush and Precise Cursors
RGB to CMYK Color Preview
Properties Panel Tricks
Tricks to Control New Document Sizes
Quick Color Boost
Portrait Popper: Dark Edge Vignette
Lightroom to Photoshop Suggested Workflow
Tips for Masks
Feather a Mask—Anytime
Deleting Preferences
Add an Artistic Edge to a Photo
Quickly Crop to Edges
Background Eraser Tip
Safe Cropping
Partial Color Effect
Bird’s-Eye View
Copy Layer to Same Location in Another Document
Using Adjustment Layer Presets
Create Smart Object Templates
Fix Stubborn Red-Eye
Solid Black Crop Shield
Instant Centered Guide
Open Multiple Documents
Spring-Loaded Tools
Turn Off Pixel Grid
Fast Fake Duotones
Non-Destructive Vector Photo Frames
Sharpen a Multi-Layer Image
Sifting Through Tools
Auto-Blend and More
Don’t Switch Tools to Move or Resize Text
Safer Healing
Larger UI Font Size
Three Ways to Layer Styles
Reduce Image Noise
Safe Retouching with the Patch Tool
Quick Rounded Corners
Reversing Color
Printing Pantone Colors on Inkjet Printers
Put Layer Styles on Their Own Layer
Easy Eye Enhancement
Match Color in Two Images
Painting “Behind”
Create a Rule of Thirds Grid without Cropping
Using Photoshop’s Smart Guides
Undo Saves Before Closing Documents
See What’s New in Photoshop
New Layer From Many
Activating the Right Layer Visually
Instant Free Transform
Colored Drop Shadows
The Mighty Document Grid X
Quickly Delete Hidden Layers
Colorize Areas Easily
Easy Watermark
Use Photoshop PDF to Keep Text & Vectors
Copy a Layer Mask
Multiple Gradients in a Layer Mask
Web Graphics: Preserve Custom Colors in GIFs
Use Percent in Photoshop Actions
Better Sepia
Control Adjustment Layers
Scroll All, Zoom All
Crop Two Images to Same Size
Easier Selections
Recall Selections
Control the Move Tool
Video Graphics: Preview Pixel Aspect Ratio
Camera Raw Workflow Options
Adjust Multiple Images in Camera Raw
Easier Access to Adobe Exchange in Photoshop CC
Add the Option/Alt key to Keyboard Shortcuts
Contextual Everywhere
Hidden Options in the Histogram Panel
Filter Gallery Tips
Colorize Art
Easily Remove a Color Cast
Instant Color Balance
Create a Swatch Collection from an Image
Create a Swatch Collection of Web Colors
Load Presets More Easily
Layer Group Tips
Histogram: Selection, Layer or Entire Image
Match Zoom Levels
Hide the White Background
Selective Sharpening with the Sharpen Tool
Remove Power Lines
Quick Monotone
Show Hidden Handles with Command-0
Quickly Resize Photoshop’s Canvas
Slow Down an Action
Save Action Steps as Text File
Remove Stains from Old Scanned Images
Remove Color Fringes
Print a Selected Area
Zoom with Scroll Wheel
Non-Docking Panels
Using Content-Aware Fill
Luminosity Mode with Curves and Sharpening Layers
Easy Sharpening with Edge Preview
Use Aliases or Bridge for Contact Sheets
Underexposure Fix
Better HDR
Changing Opacity, Fill, and Duplicating Multiple Layers
Faking the Look of HDR
A Real World Use for Puppet Warp
Better Noise Reduction
Use Two Layer Masks Together
Use Gradient Map for Color-to-B/W
Great Gradients
Pushing Photos
Select Before You Patch
Copy from All Layers
How to Password Protect a Photoshop Document
Merge to Current Layer
Reduce Banding
Add Image Texture Safely
Create Organic Textures with the Fiber Filter
Fixing Color Fringe
Fading Filters and Image Adjustments
Quickly Rerun a Filter
Easier Layer Alignment
Adjust Brush Settings on the Fly
Multiple Undos
Navigator Trick
Safe Dodge & Burn
Easier Levels Adjustments
Auto and Background Save
Quick Image Comparison
Sharing Presets
Non-Destructive Perspective Transformations
Quick Reset for Misbehaving Tools
Running Filters on Video Clips
Cycle through Open Documents in Full Screen Mode
Camera Raw Softens Skin on Any Image
Change the Color of Quick Mask
Layer Visibility Tip
Better Newsprint Settings
Faster Spell Check and Find/Replace Access
Hanging Punctuation
Reverse Layer Order
Tips for Scrubby Sliders
Blurry Image Fix
Use Fill Layers
Zap Shines & Shadows
Flabby Chin Fix
Super Slimmer
Photo Warming and Cooling
Fixing Spots in Camera Raw
Fix Overexposed Skies with Camera Raw
Quick Background Blend
Quick Cold Grunge
Starting Over in Camera Raw
Pasting Vectors in Photoshop
Lesson in leading
Learn to Kern
Tracking Text
Load Multiple Images into a New Document
Easy Product Backgrounds
Invert a Layer Mask
Placing Text Behind an Object in a Photo
Using Linked Smart Objects
Hide a Layer Style with a Layer Mask
Move a Selection or Shape While Drawing It
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